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  1. MFO-Park
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    The MFO-Park is a public park in Neu-Oerlikon, Zurich, built on the former area of the engine factory “Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon”, which gave the park its name. The project drafted by the planning Burckhardt + Partner and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG was selected in an international competition.

    The park, which covers an area of 96,875 ft², is characterized by its modern and unusual design. The large “Park-Haus” is a double-walled construction covered by a trellis, a “Treillage” open on 3 sides in a manner reminiscent of ancient garden design and covered with plants. The large hall space is broken up by four plant-covered wire chalices. The water basin planted with irises is located in a sunken area. The spaces between the double walls are dotted with staircases, covered walls, and projecting loggias. The sun deck high up on the roof offers a view over northern Zurich.

    The MFO-Park accommodates a number of different activities. Major events including open-air movies, theatre, concerts, among many others are possible. The Baroque park theatre with clipped hedges is worth mentioning at this point. Small silent garden rooms with a view into the hall are created in the spaces between the walls, just like opera boxes for reading, loving or dreaming.

    The foundation stone was laid in autumn 2001 and the MFO-Park was inaugurated in summer 2002. The second part of the design concept is still not completed: it will feature a front area with plant-covered pillars in front of one of the open sides of the hall. The four-story brick building which was originally intended for demolition will continue to be used for the time being.


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